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Training Philosophy


Friday 7-8pm

Saturday 10-11am

Sunday 10-11am

How to register

Whatsapp/Call 0789159304



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Program Benefits

Want that extra edge? At Roho Sports Academy, you get more than just extra training, you get a player specific programme designed to develop strong game intelligence with constant updates through our Mobile Application

Small Groups

Guarantees maximum learning, group focus and individual attention. Players are assured maximum ball contact, and game involvement.


Be on top of your game with challenges, rankings, report cards and updates all available on our mobile application

Flexible Scheduling

Fit football into your life and not the other way around, you won’t need to plan your life around us.

Unique Training Model

We use a different training structure to help our players translate exercises into the game. Designed to achieve the best outcomes in the development of game intelligence, and individual technique.

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