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Head Coach

Mr. Tigana

With over 10 years of experience teaching children, 10 years as a professional in the local league and internships and scounting opportunities in Germany and Ghana, we are proud to have Tigana Lukinja as our head coach


Assistant Coach

Mr. Chelula

With a Bachelors degree from UDSM in Physical Education and Sports Science, we are proud to have Mr. Chelula as our Assistant Coach

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Assistant Coach

Mr. Ramadhani

With Multiple certificates and degrees, including NBA JR Certification from JK park, we are proud to have Mr. Ramadhani as part of our Roho Team


Assistant Coach

Mr. Kantale

Mr. Kantale has been known with his work with kids and everyone loves him! With multiple certificates and a broad CV, presenting our Assistant Coach Mr. Kantale.

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